Dirty Little Secrets

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being involved with him is an adventure. Life is short. Be sure to read from the bottom up to stay current.


HNT: Nip to Knee

ready to assume a position:
Nip to Knee

In My Mind at the Moment

So, there has been a lack of everything.  FRIENDSHIP, CONVERSATION, CONSTANT CONTACT, TIME, HOBBY, PROMISES... I am truly not complaining but I am kind of lost.  We have mild conversations but have not had one in person (face to face) in a while and as you can see, I havent really had much to say as of lately.  LACK OF INSPIRATION.  The initial was exciting and always involved but now things are just going. He has been very busy at work and with his real life.  A few weeks ago he mentioned that I need to possibly find me a boyfriend as he is not always avail.  I just didnt really think that was the answer and to be quite honest - it sort of rubbed me the wrong way not really but a little.  There was always going to be time that he would be my side piece as I am his but I just havent met anyone and I generally dont have a ransom dude's my space like that.  I know that he sometimes feels bad (well maybe or not) when he amkes a plan to see me and cant make it happen.  He knows that I have been wanting him in my space and in the place BUT he has not had time or been able to make it happen.  Things have been busy for him at work and his family keeps him fairly busy on the weekend.  GOTTA STAY IN MY PLACE (know the role).  When he brought up the boyfriend thing it felt strange.  It was more in the tone.  I guess that is what happens when you are use to conversing with a person on a regular basis (constant contact - phone, email, in person) and then it is limited to sporatic text.  The emotion or connection is lost in translation.  I kind of feel lost in our friendship (special and otherwise).  It just feels disconnected (with the added sexual frustration -  STILL FUCKING HORNY).  When I saw him last week, it was limited and before that it had been two weeks also limited - good and very nice to be in his presence.  We were suppose to do something for my birthday and that didnt happen.  The vacation trip is not happening and sometimes he doesnt respond to me for long periods of time.  DISCONNECT. I know, I know I know.... I sound kind of sappy, overly sensitive and complicated.  I am really not trying to be.  I never want to burden him with how I am feeling or my disappointments because I am suppose to be easy, uncomplicated, fun and full of fantasy.  HONESTLY, I just really miss our friendship.  I miss the constant contact.  I miss him being attracted to me and the way he looked at me when I would attempt to do something "special".  I sometimes feel like he is over this arrangement and me.   Then I will get a text from him stating that he misses me and our conversations.  I always smile.  When I do have him for the limited time I try to make the most of  it when we have it but far too often I make me way available and something happens.  I try to take care of him and do the things that he likes when we are together (play my role).  I try to make sure that Professor is pleased and satisfied.  He generally releases and seems to be fulfilled.   That part is good and I sincerely enjoy pleasing him.  It never feels like a task.  It's always feels and taste good.  I just miss the constant contact, real conversation, coffee or drinks with pleasant sides of conversation and interaction, he wanting to be in my space.  I understand and it should all be easier once my time is more occupied.  Then we will change again.  I am just going with the flow and needed to get this shit off my chest. Whatcha think?


HNT: Play Alone

While I do play well with others,
sometimes others are not around and more importantly Professor is not available all the time
especially when I need a release. 
I have this little friend that has several different modes of conversation.
It has a remote.
It massages my clit. 
It offers an opportunity of a release.
I particularly like the little tail. 
When I am alone I lay back and relax,
hold my little friend between my lips and begin a long conversation.
The long massage with my clit is stimulating as I rub my nipples with one hand and insert 3 fingers with my other hand.  Close my eyes and think about Professor watching me and then fucking me.
Sometimes it is necessary to
play alone. 


I’m so fucking horny!

I am so fucking horny.
I haven't had very much time with Professor the last few weeks. We are having a dry spot in our friendship. It is more that he hasn't really had the time which is understood. He is a busy man. We have had some contact but it is not as constant. It's kind of different but I just remain uncomplicated. I do not really have a lot of feeling about it. I mean it is not good or bad. It's just what it is right now. I miss him. I miss our interaction and our conversations. I miss him just being around especially in the mornings. I miss his desire and his lips on my body. He hasn't tasted me in a while and we haven't had sex again. Nor have I had any sex since my minor drunken encounter with the date that one time minus the orgasm which is sort of the point right?
I am on a drought. I haven't met anyone new. I hadn't minded being so available until now. It has been kind of tough with Professor being so busy. We haven't had a morning rendezvous in while and I have been so fucking horny lately. I am thinking about sex all the time. Dreaming night and day about the last time he tasted or the last time I sucked him. I like the way he licks my pussy and uses his fingers. The way he sucks on my clit and plunges his tongue deep in me. Ooh, I can almost feel it. I've been masturbating to my thoughts just about every day a couple of times. I have been using my fingers, towels, vibrators; dildo and even the wine bottle (spur of the moment situation). I want to be fucked by a man. Doing it myself just isn't doing it the same. I want some actual. I really want some dick right now – Professor's dick, his hands, his tongue, his passion accompanied by his desire and drive with my active participation. I want him. I have been fantasizing how I want him to.
I want him to lay back and relax. Let me take care of him. Let me take care of us. I am going to get off while pleasing him. I like to please him and he seems to enjoy it. OUTSTANDING. I want to rub his back, arms, chest and travel back and forth from his nipples to his dick. Sucking them both. Rub, kiss and lick him slowly. I want to take my time and please him. Then straddle over his dick quickly so that I can suck me off of him. I hear I taste pretty good. Suck his dick deeply until I am bout ready to gag … until I can relax my throat with his slow grind in my mouth, slightly pull my hair until he is stiffly satisfied. Blood racing, heart pumping all in rhythm trying to catch the gasm. Hard long pulsating full of power blasting down my throat being sure to suck it empty. Then I want to present my pussy to his lips backwards so he can have full advantage of my ass. I also want to be able to have access to his dick. I want to suck him as he eats me. I want to please him as he pleases me. Our oral infatuation is generally one sided during a time. I wonder how wet I would get. Then I want to straddle his hard dick and ride him in some stilettos of his choice. Ride him while he sucks on my titties. Penetrate myself with his dick and watch his facials to better understand what and how he likes it. I just really want to fuck him.
Thinking about the way he uses his tongue across my spots erecting my clit makes my pussy moist as I type this. I have been thinking about all sorts of scenarios, opportunities, positions and ways to fuck and please this man. He is good inspiration. I am so fucking horny. He does so much for so many people especially me. I just yearn to be able to help him escape some of that and just relax. Let me fuck him, please him and gratify me.

HNT: Peek A Boo

  I like to send Professor pictures throughout the day when he crosses my mind. 
He is a visual man but then again most people are.  I like for him to have pieces of me all the time. 
Indulge all his senses.  Starting with his sight. 
I can hear me say things to him but sometimes a picture is sexier with just a caption. 
Sometimes the sexiest of sexy is what you have to imagine.
The curiosity of finding out what's behind.
So why not play a game of
Peek A Boo.


In His Mind Today: Email #10125

Ok...In my mind today...well nothing special.  Had a really good conversation with my other woman.  She self disclosed that she went out on a date.  I was rather excited because I like that she shared and was very open.  I got the feeling she did it because she was a little pissed at me, which kinda bothered me a little, but I will think on that some.

She told me all about the date and I guess the inner freak took over because my dick was hard the whole time she was telling me the story.  I am trying to think of something we can do for her Bday?  I could have something public invite a few friends, which would create a nice cover story...don’t know yet.

I think we will need to have a detailed conversation about some basic ground rules about dating and sex.  In my mind she can do what she wants...I just want to make sure this does not get complicated!  I need for her to have protected sex....otherwise I am good. 

Before I forget...We were in a public place when we met and I really was struggling with our greeting.  We shook hands no embrace...wtf! We will have to keep hugging when we meet in public we are friends and that is how we always greeted each other before!

I have always loved her as a friend and always will. We just closer friends these days...LOL


I look forward to a conversation with Professor. I don’t want our relationship to become complicated by any means. I have always spoken freely about my dates, escapades and such but was hesitant to share with him my last date. Not quite sure why but as he says it is what it is. I shared and it seemed to turn him on which I liked. I did initially not speak of the drunken sex I had with my date. I wasn’t completely sure if it was necessary but I suppose it should be. For the record it was protected and it was not much to tell. Somewhere in the midst of it we passed out and there wasn’t a happy ending (no orgasms).  Realistically, I wanted the attention and wanted to be out so I went along with it. It was cool but I wasn’t fulfilled.

When I saw Professor, I struggled with our greeting as well. I wanted to kiss him but I know better and I was sitting. He sort of seemed as if he may have wanted to kiss me too.  Smile. I should have gotten up to hug him at least but the moment passed. I needed to play cool. We were in public and he knows lots of people. Most know he is married and he is always wearing his very nice wedding ring. We hadn’t really been out together since our friendship became "special" which is strange for me but it was great being out with him. I almost forgot how that felt. Simple conversation outside of my home. I miss that dynamic of our friendship.
I like our closeness and it still feels good.


The Date With Another Man

So, I had a date with an old friend the other night.  It was harmless and somewhat innocent.  I need to re-adjust to being a single woman more than the other woman.  I just felt like being out and wanted to have some drinks.  I have an old flame that I kind of cut off.  He is a great guy but he is going through a divorce and seemed to want me as a way of coping.  At the time, I just wasn't into it.  I had protected sex with him a couple of times (months ago) and it just never felt like it was about me so I told him that I preferred our friendship and since I had so much going on in my life, it was bad timing and he understood.  We have remained friends but do not talk nearly as much but still cool.  I sent him a text saying hey earlier in the day and followed up later.  I shared that I wanted to get out but no transportation and my friends seem to be doing their own thing.  He stated that he was surprised  I wasn't out and would like to take me for some drinks but he may want to... I responded with the we are grown and I am up to it if he was.  Alcohol always seems to make it easier and if he is paying for the alcohol...

As he was on his way to pick me up, he made mention that he had on jeans a long sleeve shirt and casual shoes.  I told him cool and that it was just a bar.  I put on a low cut black tank displaying my girls, flare jeans, a cardigan and of course some heels.  I am heel girl, every day, all day.  I was cute and my kind of casual.  He, my friend, complimented my ensemble and made reference to my so called casual.  It was jeans and a shirt but I was kind of cute if I do say so myself.

So we went to a local watering hole and the music was good.  We had a couple of rounds of drinks.  I generally drink tequila when I drink (sunrise or sunset).  We chilled, had some french fries, talked with some light flirting and enjoyed the atmosphere.  As I approached drink #4 he suggested that I get a shot of patron and I did.  I was about done and figured we might as well head back to the house but before we left I had to go to the girl's room.  There was a group of men lingering around the restroom area.  I got it together and realized I was a little tipsy once I stood up.  I made it to the restroom, smiled my way through the pack and took care of business.  I did manage to look a couple of them over and they were appeasing to the eye but I try to be respectful. I didn't flirt or anything since I was with this other guy and he is not like Professor.  He may not have appreciated it.  While I was in the bathroom, I switched around my rings so there would not be too much dialogue and I thought that I would add some "play" into this date.  Once I came out the bathroom and made my way back through the pack, a couple of them men walked up on me and I responded with the watch out my husband is over there.  They all backed off and told me to tell my husband that his wife was damn fine.  I blushingly said that I would and thank you.  I smiled as I walked back over to my friend.  I laughed and got real close on him.  I looked over his shoulder to see if they were watching and they were.  I whispered in his ear, " I switched my rings and told the men over near the bathroom that you were my husband".  I blushed a bit and landed a series of kisses on his lips then pulled away.  As I put my ass firmly back on the stool.  I said, "they said to tell you that you wife is damn fine" as I looked over smiling in their direction.  He turned around holding his drink up and said thanks.  They all tripped and we laughed and I kissed him again carefully of course. I realized that I was feeling way right and how great would it be if I was with Professor. The kisses were nice but their were no fireworks even with the tequila. We finished our conversation with the bartender and he paid our tab.  We got our stuff and got in the car home.  The conversation was rather mundane in the car but I seemed to feel drunker and drunker as the air hit my face.  We arrived back at my house and headed in.  I undressed quickly as did he.  He was already hard from the bar and it was on. Well so I thought.  It was cool but not very memorable with no happy ending so to speak.  Somewhere along the way we both crashed and woke up about 6 AM.  He got up and kissed my forehead and stated that he would lock my door.  I rolled and said bye.  When I got up a couple of hours later, I found the condom wrapper on the floor next to my bed and immediately changed my sheets. I felt a little bad and very ungratified (yes, made it up but you get it).  I wondered about Professor and figured that when I have a chance I would tell him about it but today, I wasn't really feeling it.  He's been busy and I need to play my role better.  Give him time to be with his family.  I will just tell him another day.  Damn I need a shower. 

I went on about my day, entertained some friends at my house and got a few texts from Professor.  I get so wrapped up with him and making me available for him that sometimes I do not focus on me the way that I need to or my friends.  I push some things to the side.  Don't get me wrong, there is not an issue but sometimes Professor is not available to me.  I knew that going into this.

OK ok ok, let me explain... during the day before my date, Professor and I were suppose to "bump into each other" out a shopping center.  It was going to be a sort of outing.  I put on a really cute dress that shared my attributes and a pair of stilettos that I know he would like.  I was sexy and it was all for him.  I shared that I was on my way and no response.  When he finally responded he stated that he had been out already and was on his way home. blank stare.  I was like ok, cool. no big deal.  Then I sent him another message when I went to my next destination and he was on his way to hang out with some friends.  blank stare.  This same scenario happened the day before but it was majorly my fault but I was mildly feeling some kind of way - not mad or upset.  I craved his attention.  I will admit it.  I am spoiled and he has spoiled me.  This is not the first time that this has happened but I know better.  He is so good at making all of our interaction be about me (us) that I sometimes get caught up.  It's not a point of really falling for him but a selfish desire for his attention.  The way he looks at me.  The things that he says to me.  MAJOR POINT - I had a plan.  I had something that I wanted to do.  It always seems that MY plans never come into fruition but HIS do.  Realistically, it is all about HIM.  I don't have a problem with this but I do need him to keep his word to me or don't say anything at all.

SO, I was a little distant and I pulled back some.  He noticed and we will have to have a conversation about it, I'm sure.  He is very direct and I like that.  I am very nonconfrontational and he likes that.  I am going to have to figure out a way of saying what I feel without sounding as if I want more or sounding like I am nagging or becoming complicated. Any suggestions?


HNT: Make it Rain

Confessional: When we spoke of our arrangement initially Professor mentioned some role play.  I was very taken by the idea and hoped that we would have the opportunity to indulge.  I am very fascinated by strip clubs and almost would say that I love them.  There are some very vulgar and trashy ones but I do believe that they are sexy and erotic.  I feel that it would be fun to do that for him - dance for him.  I am curious... So I was thinking about perfecting my striptease (I have been working on something for our possible trip though I am not completely feeling like it will come into fruition but that is another something for another time).  I broke a little sweat and needed a release so I hopped in the shower, lathered up and let the water run down after I got one off so to speak.  Here is to Professor Making it rain...


In His Mind Today: Email #10130


As I sit here at work I have to be honest with myself. My "other woman" is getting me sprung. I simply say things in passing during our conversations and with out fail she makes them happen!

So the dick sucking skills are simply the best. It is like every  time she touches me I tingle. I watched her yesterday caress and suck my dick until I came. Then she continue to suck until I wanted to just lay in her arms all day. Not moving and just letting life pass us by!

We have only Fucked once to date but her pussy is warm, tight, wet,...you get the picture. I was on top fucking her and doing my thang when I realized she was fucking me back and had me feeling better than I  have in years! Needless to say I am hooked. I know she knows it. Or if she does now she should.....

Just letting you into my mind lover.....
Hope you don't get nervous...
you asked to get into my mind....

Suck Him Slow

Professor hadn’t been around but we have had constant contact.  I like that we have that but it is not the same as being in his presence.  So I try to make good use to the time that we do have.  So, I sent him a text inquiring about a possible lunch date.  He responded that it would be possible and what time he would be over.  He sent a text when he was on his way.  So, I tried to get me together but I was moving slow.  When he arrived, of course I wasn’t dress or remotely ready.  I had combed my hair and put on some thongs.  I smiled and we kissed.  He took his position on the couch and I did my standard routine of going back and forth trying to put some clothes on this body while we had good random conversation upon countless subjects.  I tend to call it our getting to know you time. 
I was instantly inspired and reached in the bathroom to grab a Listerine strip and cough drop.  I came back into the living room and made sensual eye contact with him.  He smiled. I smiled.  As I began to walk over to him, his blackberry rang. Ugh! So I patiently waited and continued to grab a fit and getting my stuff together to do something on my own.  He likes my legs so I found a dress that was cotton, soft, feminine providing just enough cleavage and leg for appeal.  After he concluded his call, he informed that his later meeting had been pushed up and we wouldn’t have time to really sit down for lunch.  I was disappointed but his work is important.  Realistically, we all need him to work.  So, I figured that I would go ahead with my plan.  I wanted to suck his dick.  I asked him if we had a little bit of time and grabbed a pillow putting it on the floor between his legs.  He smiled and said yes.   I kneeled down on my knees on the pillow, unfastened his belt and grabbed his partially hard penis out of his boxer briefs.  I kissed the head, sucked the head and then flicked my tongue over it. I sucked it softly inching more of it in my mouth with each suck.  I seductively looked up at him ever so often see his facial reaction.  I like to watch him.  I took my time which had been different from previous times pausing to see his enjoyment.  Every time he saw me look up at him, his dick would get a little harder.  The cough drops have dual purpose for me.  They relax my throat and they offer him a different sensation.  I used that sensation with the blow of my breath and then use the warmth of my mouth. Slowly. Sweetly. Sensually. I began to suck him harder suctioning my cheeks closer onto his dick but still slowly yet picking up momentum.  As he adjusted to that rhythm I changed it up and took his dick deep allowing the head to touch the back of my throat until I felt the gagging sensation sliding up slowly with minute thrust.   Thank goodness for the drops!  He seemed to enjoy it so I deep throated his dick hard and held the position for as long as I could.  He let out several load moans.  I hadn’t heard him be that vocal before and it turned me on so much that I could feel my pussy moisten as I kegeled.  It was good and I was doing well.  I could feel his dick tighten so I slowed down.  I wasn’t completely ready for him to cum yet.  I slowed down my rotation of skills and minor tricks.  I took away my hands and just sucked him. Slow and hard. He grabbed my head a couple of times sharing what he liked.  I obliged but made sure that this was my show.  He is always in control but this was my turn.  I continued and he got louder and more in tune with his climax.  It was going all through him and all of energy was building up this gasm.  This is going to be good and a lot more than I can swallow.  I took his dick deep and hard.  Vibrating my throat on his head until I couldn’t breathe.  Came up quickly and back down all the way on it.  I felt like I was gargling his head and he liked it and came super hard.  I sucked him until he was completely limp.  I got all of it out of him.  There is nothing wonderful in seeing a man be fully and completely satisfied with his release.  I swallowed some but it was a lot and I immediately got up and ran to the bathroom so that I could spit the excess; and so that he could get himself together.  It was good for me too.  Mmmmmm Professor.


The fuck was worth the wait

When he walked through the door we embraced quietly as I was on the phone with a panicked girlfriend.  Though we were scheduled for a visit, I was trying to be a good friend.  Luckily, he understood and sat down on the couch emailing with his blackberry (they are best buds attached at the hand).  I sat on the other end of the couch looking at him looking at me.  He could hear her and laughed at some of the foolishness that came out of her mouth.  I mouthed an apology and he nodded in his understanding. I smiled.  Upon attempting to conclude my conversation, he crawled across the floor spreading my legs apart. Sliding my panties to the side and began stroking my clit with his tongue.  I looked at him look at me.  It was unexpected but truly appreciated.  He told me to carry on with my conversation so he could speak to my “girl” (that is often how I refer to my pussy).  I was instantly excited which was confirmed by my wetness.  I continued my conversation, taking deep breaths, calmly and remaining as cool as possible which turned him on.  He pulled my left leg up on top of his right shoulder so he could get better involved.  He tended to my “girl” with such gentle passion and I was starting to drip down my inside of my thigh and he lapped it up.  At this point it began to get to be too much and I abruptly told my friend that I would have to call her back.  She assumed that I was tired and said cool. I was far from tired and just about to get started.  I paused him and we walked into the bedroom.  My panties we soaking wet with my juices and I took them off immediately. 
The anticipation in his eyes as he undressed as quickly as possible was enchanting.  I laid down the center of the bed and established some of the most amazing eye contact that I think we have ever had.  In that moment, it was just us two and this was months in the making.  I was ready to be fucked and he was FINALLY ready to fuck me. YES!!! 
He climbed on the bed flipping me over so that I was on all fours and immediately licked down the crack of my ass clearing all the juices that my “girl” had let go of and had dripped down.  He fucked my ass with his tongue and it gave me a tingly sensation down my spine and muted moans freed from my mouth.  I closed my eyes and relaxed some as he made slow, spontaneous trips down to my clit.  I came hard and immediate.  I do not think that I had ever cum like from my ass being licked.  It hasn’t ever really been my thing but that shit right there was exhilarating.  He asked me to turn over and as he put a condom on he smiled and stated “I’ve been waiting on this pussy for years”. I smiled with a plethora of thoughts flowing through my mind but I will think about that later. 
He slid the head of his well girthed dick in my dripping wet, throbbing pussy very slowly and began to inch it in little by little pulling all the way out with each thrust.  His stroke was slow and steady as if he was trying to truly feel his way through it and feel every edge and corner.  My pussy was tight and held onto his dick.  Ive hear that some men like to make sure that there are walls to hit and he did.  He didn’t look at me much but I watched him and all of his expressions.  He pulled my legs up and really got in there.  I became more vocal and even a little louder.  He put them down as if he was not ready to be done but wanted to enjoy this pussy for a bit.  He seemed to just stroke me. Once he put my legs down, I took the opportunity to fuck him back a bit.  I got a good position and gripped onto him for balance so that I could circularly grind my pussy all over his dick attempting to get a good rhythm pleasing for us.  My twist action was so slow and deliberate.  Then completely conscious and consistent.  He seemed somewhat surprised and very much into it as I could feel his dick harden within me.  I enjoyed making him feel good which made me feel great.  He shared that it felt good but that was that as he paused for his climax.  I wanted to watch his face but instead my body tensed up as I felt an orgasm upon me.  I had stimulated my spot with his dick.  I grabbed him close and pushed him deeper.  I felt multiples upon the horizon.  I grinded into his stroke further.  I lifted my ass up into him and fucked him until we came…together.  We both laid still for a moment. Thinking and basking in our gasm.  It was good.  He was into it.  We came together.  It has been officially consummated.  The fuck was worth the wait.


In His Mind Today: Email #10120 - Questions and Answers:

Professor came by this morning for a kiss and I wasnt feeling very well.  I have very bad migraines from time to time.  My grandmother once told me that an orgasm would release the pressure of the migraine. Go figure.  She offered that information without any additional anything and I did not question her any further.  I have tried it on more than a few occasions and she knows what she is talking about. 

All of that to say that I was in my bed when he arrived with my vibrators.  Once he came in I pulled my covers back so that he could see that they had been used and were still present with me.  I was naked in bed with my toys since HE was not readily available. SMILE.  I like my toys... they are relaxing and sometimes fun.  Anyway, he didnt stay long and hoped for me feeling better.  I apologized for not being any fun but it seemed to be ok. 

He emailed me:
So I got up this morning thinking about you! Random thoughts...went for my morning walk to clear my mind for the start of a good day! I started to think about your taste and wanted a kiss from you.  So I showered, combed my hair, shaved and got dressed.

I wanted to surprise you, but decided it would be better to text you that I was coming.  I parked in front of your house to notice the group lifting weights...Ok I said in my mind, what are they thinking?  So I will never give the hint of you being anything but a lady...so my plans had to change...you may ask...plans?

so I settled for a kiss and a very sensual sucking of your nipples!  You did give me full visual to your breast and nipples.  All so that you used your vibrator last night.  I liked that!

ok got a few questions for you answer honestly:

When was the first time you used a vibrator
First time giving head and getting head (oral sex)
You ever attempted anal...I have found that if a woman hates it there first time was not a good experience.  Not asking because I want you to do it...just wondering
Do you like rough sex
What is the kinkies think you ever done
You ever had sex with more than one man at a time
Do you spit or swallow...or does it depends...

There you go...I wait your answers

My Answers: 
When was the first time you used a vibrator
I would say that I was about 20.  I was still in college and started working at an adult store and picked a little something up to try.  I was curious.

First time giving head and getting head (oral sex)
I was a late sucker.  I was in college and thought that I loved that guy.  He made me comfortable and there was no pressure.  As for getting head – I was in high school the first time.  I was kind of fast and I have always liked older guys (men).
You ever attempted anal...I have found that if a woman hates it there first time was not a good experience.  Not asking because I want you to do it...just wondering
I have tried a couple of different times.  I hate it!  I cant relax and it just doesn’t feel good to me.  I cannot even stand to watch it on a flick.  It is so not my thing.

Do you like rough sex
That depends on what rough means but really, not my thing either.  I like for a man to take charge and run the show but I don’t like to it too rough but it depends.
What is the kinkiest think you ever done
there are a few place.  I have had sex on a football field, bathroom at a bar, outside on the hood of his car in the summer in atlanta but the bug bites made it not as great. my grandma's backyard bbq patio. suck him as we drove hime from a movie and at his front door. fucked in a field in the wide open (residential neighborhood), side of highway in the mountains.   I am not into hot wax or anything I am a sensual romantic type that likes a little nasty but I have to be eased into it and it generally comes out the more comfortable I get.  I am open...

You ever had sex with more than one man at a time
Yes, Once, while I was recently out of college.
Do you spit or swallow...or does it depends...
Both and it depends




So, Professor didn’t make it to see me this weekend. It is the first time that this has happened. Initially, I was feeling some kind of way because I had made me available per his request. It is not really that big of a deal but I did have pouty mouth for a moment. I’ve gotten rather spoiled with his constant contact but I am going to check myself.

He text me a few times and I stayed in touch. I made him aware that I was on my way home but there was no response for hours. Then about midnight, I received a text:

missed talking to you. I had a party for her birthday.

I’m so far removed from his real life (ie. his marriage) that I hadn’t realized that he had plans. We do not converse about his life with her much.

LIGHTBULB MOMENT: as much as he makes our arrangement about me. I am secondary. He still must maintain his real life. I have to play my role.



...I just wonder what he is doing?  Wonder what he is thinking.  Wonder if I am fulfilling the fantasy?  Wonder if he truly has any expectations of me?

I think that I am in over my head?  I wonder why this situation is so comfortable?  Wonder what if even though I am not suppose to???  Wonder if I will ever get a man of my own? Wonder why this all feels so good when I know that it is wrong? Wonder what kind of woman am I to be so good with they way this special friendship is?

I sit back and really think of how much I appreciate Professor.  I think about how special he is to so many people.  I think about what a good person he is and how his friendship is so special to me. He is always genuinely concerned about my well being, my comfort and my heart.  He's a good friend to me outside of the arrangement (he is grrreat there). 

I think about how inhibited I am with him.  How he helps me be more aware of my body.  How he always takes his time and truly appreciates my femininity. My smell, my touch, my kiss.  He appreciates it and takes care of it and makes me feel so wanted/ desired.


He Likes It

So, Professor is reading the blog and is really loving it. 
He likes that folks are reading and is enjoying the comments.  So keep them coming. 

He is especially liking reading of our escapades as if we are not really we.  It seemed to be a turn on today as we had our morning tryst.    This may be very good for our interaction and then I will have more to share.  He likes my writing and says that I have such descriptions.  I pay attention to just about everything.

I think him reading will be good for us and offer us an additional way to communicate which will be a form of foreplay for us.  Oooooh. He may even post one day but not sure about that as he is more of a voyeur. He said that I could include some of our emails so stay tuned...

The new question is, "Are you going to put this in your blog?"

how exciting!!!


Hold and Suck

Sometimes when I am all alone. I suck my own nipple to turn me on.  I am often thinking about Professor,  Then I rub my clit and make me cum as if he were watching.  Damn.


This morning...

Professor came by this morning and brought me some money - thankfully. I wasn't dresses and was trying to get prepared for work. I am so comfortable with him that I didn't mind him seeing me in my across the ass draws. I'm a little bloated (that may be TMI but it is what it is). He didn't seem to mind and my titties were looking great might I add. As I got myself together, he sat on the couch. We had some random conversation.
Again I say, our communication is awesome!!!
We walked out and went our separate directions. I could feel him watching me (it always turns me on). He pulled up aside of me smiling so I asked him if his dick was hard. We laughed and he nodded and then told me to have a good day and went on his way as I did mine. He texted me shortly after saying:
I liked watching you walk this morning.
You are a very beautiful woman and yes my dick was rather hard.
Have a great day!!!
He put a smile on my face. Thanks Professor!!!



I love watching. I like the body movement and facials.
It’s pure pleasure to please you and see you enjoy it.

I LOVE tasting you! I like licking your clit and seeing your pussy get wet!

I want to kiss you hold you taste you then have you fuck me to sleep!

Did you put in your blog how I fucked your ass with my tongue.
Your pussy was so wet and ran down your ass. I love it.

My dick is hard thinking about you.  Have a great day!

I’m totally satisfied with how you do me.

I can feel you want to make me feel good and that is number one for me. I love that.

You looked so sexy in bed I was simply soaking you in with my eyes

Thank you for wanting to please me