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Suck Him Slow

Professor hadn’t been around but we have had constant contact.  I like that we have that but it is not the same as being in his presence.  So I try to make good use to the time that we do have.  So, I sent him a text inquiring about a possible lunch date.  He responded that it would be possible and what time he would be over.  He sent a text when he was on his way.  So, I tried to get me together but I was moving slow.  When he arrived, of course I wasn’t dress or remotely ready.  I had combed my hair and put on some thongs.  I smiled and we kissed.  He took his position on the couch and I did my standard routine of going back and forth trying to put some clothes on this body while we had good random conversation upon countless subjects.  I tend to call it our getting to know you time. 
I was instantly inspired and reached in the bathroom to grab a Listerine strip and cough drop.  I came back into the living room and made sensual eye contact with him.  He smiled. I smiled.  As I began to walk over to him, his blackberry rang. Ugh! So I patiently waited and continued to grab a fit and getting my stuff together to do something on my own.  He likes my legs so I found a dress that was cotton, soft, feminine providing just enough cleavage and leg for appeal.  After he concluded his call, he informed that his later meeting had been pushed up and we wouldn’t have time to really sit down for lunch.  I was disappointed but his work is important.  Realistically, we all need him to work.  So, I figured that I would go ahead with my plan.  I wanted to suck his dick.  I asked him if we had a little bit of time and grabbed a pillow putting it on the floor between his legs.  He smiled and said yes.   I kneeled down on my knees on the pillow, unfastened his belt and grabbed his partially hard penis out of his boxer briefs.  I kissed the head, sucked the head and then flicked my tongue over it. I sucked it softly inching more of it in my mouth with each suck.  I seductively looked up at him ever so often see his facial reaction.  I like to watch him.  I took my time which had been different from previous times pausing to see his enjoyment.  Every time he saw me look up at him, his dick would get a little harder.  The cough drops have dual purpose for me.  They relax my throat and they offer him a different sensation.  I used that sensation with the blow of my breath and then use the warmth of my mouth. Slowly. Sweetly. Sensually. I began to suck him harder suctioning my cheeks closer onto his dick but still slowly yet picking up momentum.  As he adjusted to that rhythm I changed it up and took his dick deep allowing the head to touch the back of my throat until I felt the gagging sensation sliding up slowly with minute thrust.   Thank goodness for the drops!  He seemed to enjoy it so I deep throated his dick hard and held the position for as long as I could.  He let out several load moans.  I hadn’t heard him be that vocal before and it turned me on so much that I could feel my pussy moisten as I kegeled.  It was good and I was doing well.  I could feel his dick tighten so I slowed down.  I wasn’t completely ready for him to cum yet.  I slowed down my rotation of skills and minor tricks.  I took away my hands and just sucked him. Slow and hard. He grabbed my head a couple of times sharing what he liked.  I obliged but made sure that this was my show.  He is always in control but this was my turn.  I continued and he got louder and more in tune with his climax.  It was going all through him and all of energy was building up this gasm.  This is going to be good and a lot more than I can swallow.  I took his dick deep and hard.  Vibrating my throat on his head until I couldn’t breathe.  Came up quickly and back down all the way on it.  I felt like I was gargling his head and he liked it and came super hard.  I sucked him until he was completely limp.  I got all of it out of him.  There is nothing wonderful in seeing a man be fully and completely satisfied with his release.  I swallowed some but it was a lot and I immediately got up and ran to the bathroom so that I could spit the excess; and so that he could get himself together.  It was good for me too.  Mmmmmm Professor.


  1. I'm definitely going to have to try some cough drops!! What type and brand gets the best results??

  2. the cough drops are the bidness! I prefer to use the Halls (honey or standard menthol). I generally buy them by the bag rather than the pack because the sensation is smooth if the drop runs across the dick. If you use hot tea in between with it... the BOMB! the hot with the sensation. Let me know how it works out for you.

  3. You know that works both ways... Slow and menthol... I'm still catching up with all the post I missed... I didn't realize you posted so often..

  4. POSTING: As it happens and as I am moved. Sometimes we are a bit more frequent in our interaction.

    Both ways... true but not necessary. I have missed you. Glad to see you back. Your poems are inspiring.

  5. I like how purposeful this was, how in control you were. I have often heard that women who enjoy give head due it in part for those reasons. Love the cough drop idea and how you were able to draw it out. A great and thorough blowjob is one of the only ways to get that totally drained feeling.

  6. Marcus Darling, First, thanks for visiting, reading and commenting. It is appreciated.

    I have to admit that I have grown to very much enjoy sucking Professor. This has not always be been my thing but I do like the purposeful power of it but it is more about making him feel good. I like that I can satisfy him so many different ways. It is quite the turn on and I am hoping to make me cum by sucking him.