Dirty Little Secrets

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In His Mind Today: Email #10130


As I sit here at work I have to be honest with myself. My "other woman" is getting me sprung. I simply say things in passing during our conversations and with out fail she makes them happen!

So the dick sucking skills are simply the best. It is like every  time she touches me I tingle. I watched her yesterday caress and suck my dick until I came. Then she continue to suck until I wanted to just lay in her arms all day. Not moving and just letting life pass us by!

We have only Fucked once to date but her pussy is warm, tight, wet,...you get the picture. I was on top fucking her and doing my thang when I realized she was fucking me back and had me feeling better than I  have in years! Needless to say I am hooked. I know she knows it. Or if she does now she should.....

Just letting you into my mind lover.....
Hope you don't get nervous...
you asked to get into my mind....


  1. Be careful what you ask for.. hahaha ... Ok, I'm almost caught up

  2. I need to see the actual email printout.


  3. Wow. sounds like u put it down hon...

  4. 1manview, I suppose I should.

    Don, should I do print screens?

    Sueiee, I try to keep it fresh and I actually enjoy sucking him. He is so turned on that it turns me on. It's a very sexy process.