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HNT: Make it Rain

Confessional: When we spoke of our arrangement initially Professor mentioned some role play.  I was very taken by the idea and hoped that we would have the opportunity to indulge.  I am very fascinated by strip clubs and almost would say that I love them.  There are some very vulgar and trashy ones but I do believe that they are sexy and erotic.  I feel that it would be fun to do that for him - dance for him.  I am curious... So I was thinking about perfecting my striptease (I have been working on something for our possible trip though I am not completely feeling like it will come into fruition but that is another something for another time).  I broke a little sweat and needed a release so I hopped in the shower, lathered up and let the water run down after I got one off so to speak.  Here is to Professor Making it rain...


  1. i would like to thank you for stopping at my place and leaving a comment. I have so many followers I get lost on whom I visited last. I always visit the people who leave me a comment first, I feel its the courtesy thing to do... I'm not a spanker, I'm the vanilla (a word D/s people calls us ordinary people) guy I was talking about. I have many spankers and D/s couples following me... Some has asked if I did spanking poems, so I throw one in now and then, especially when my mind goes blank on me. I even did one on D/s as a surprise for one of my close blogger friends.. I never knew spanking was so big until I visited some of my followers blogs from other countries. It's like anything else, you have the mild spankers, and the out there spankers... Now I'm all caught up with your blog... Peace ...

  2. Hmmm.

    Making it rain, eh?

    Who are you?

  3. Very nice. Thanks for sharing some rain with me...

  4. 1manview, I sincerely enjoy your poems and pictures. I have to admit that I did enjoy the spank poem though it is not my thing. It was very well articulated. I try to stay as current as possible and even go back to read some of your older post for my personal enjoyment. I like to let you know my thoughts as they tend to run through my mind upon completion. It is always nice to share that moist feeling. As always thanks for cumming...

    Don, pleasure having you sir. I thought that it was a clever play on words to go along with the picture. I gotta keep it exciting or its no fun. Is there something behing the hmmmm? Who am I? I am just a girl...

    Sueiee, I appreciate the cumback sir. There is nothing wrong with getting a little wet is there? btw, I havent had a chance to download any of the music yet but I will be sure to let you know when I do. I look forward to seeing more of your art too.

  5. ah your comments are so kind and I need to spend some more time over here

  6. BD, I enjoy your space dear. Thanks for cumming by. You are always welcum back.

  7. what a visual!


  8. WELCUM eternal list... I try to be creative and have something behind the picture. thank you.