Dirty Little Secrets

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being involved with him is an adventure. Life is short. Be sure to read from the bottom up to stay current.


The fuck was worth the wait

When he walked through the door we embraced quietly as I was on the phone with a panicked girlfriend.  Though we were scheduled for a visit, I was trying to be a good friend.  Luckily, he understood and sat down on the couch emailing with his blackberry (they are best buds attached at the hand).  I sat on the other end of the couch looking at him looking at me.  He could hear her and laughed at some of the foolishness that came out of her mouth.  I mouthed an apology and he nodded in his understanding. I smiled.  Upon attempting to conclude my conversation, he crawled across the floor spreading my legs apart. Sliding my panties to the side and began stroking my clit with his tongue.  I looked at him look at me.  It was unexpected but truly appreciated.  He told me to carry on with my conversation so he could speak to my “girl” (that is often how I refer to my pussy).  I was instantly excited which was confirmed by my wetness.  I continued my conversation, taking deep breaths, calmly and remaining as cool as possible which turned him on.  He pulled my left leg up on top of his right shoulder so he could get better involved.  He tended to my “girl” with such gentle passion and I was starting to drip down my inside of my thigh and he lapped it up.  At this point it began to get to be too much and I abruptly told my friend that I would have to call her back.  She assumed that I was tired and said cool. I was far from tired and just about to get started.  I paused him and we walked into the bedroom.  My panties we soaking wet with my juices and I took them off immediately. 
The anticipation in his eyes as he undressed as quickly as possible was enchanting.  I laid down the center of the bed and established some of the most amazing eye contact that I think we have ever had.  In that moment, it was just us two and this was months in the making.  I was ready to be fucked and he was FINALLY ready to fuck me. YES!!! 
He climbed on the bed flipping me over so that I was on all fours and immediately licked down the crack of my ass clearing all the juices that my “girl” had let go of and had dripped down.  He fucked my ass with his tongue and it gave me a tingly sensation down my spine and muted moans freed from my mouth.  I closed my eyes and relaxed some as he made slow, spontaneous trips down to my clit.  I came hard and immediate.  I do not think that I had ever cum like from my ass being licked.  It hasn’t ever really been my thing but that shit right there was exhilarating.  He asked me to turn over and as he put a condom on he smiled and stated “I’ve been waiting on this pussy for years”. I smiled with a plethora of thoughts flowing through my mind but I will think about that later. 
He slid the head of his well girthed dick in my dripping wet, throbbing pussy very slowly and began to inch it in little by little pulling all the way out with each thrust.  His stroke was slow and steady as if he was trying to truly feel his way through it and feel every edge and corner.  My pussy was tight and held onto his dick.  Ive hear that some men like to make sure that there are walls to hit and he did.  He didn’t look at me much but I watched him and all of his expressions.  He pulled my legs up and really got in there.  I became more vocal and even a little louder.  He put them down as if he was not ready to be done but wanted to enjoy this pussy for a bit.  He seemed to just stroke me. Once he put my legs down, I took the opportunity to fuck him back a bit.  I got a good position and gripped onto him for balance so that I could circularly grind my pussy all over his dick attempting to get a good rhythm pleasing for us.  My twist action was so slow and deliberate.  Then completely conscious and consistent.  He seemed somewhat surprised and very much into it as I could feel his dick harden within me.  I enjoyed making him feel good which made me feel great.  He shared that it felt good but that was that as he paused for his climax.  I wanted to watch his face but instead my body tensed up as I felt an orgasm upon me.  I had stimulated my spot with his dick.  I grabbed him close and pushed him deeper.  I felt multiples upon the horizon.  I grinded into his stroke further.  I lifted my ass up into him and fucked him until we came…together.  We both laid still for a moment. Thinking and basking in our gasm.  It was good.  He was into it.  We came together.  It has been officially consummated.  The fuck was worth the wait.


  1. Damn straight it was!!! That was yummy!

  2. BP, you have no idea. There is something wonderful about this man. He is very much in tune with my body and I wanted to make sure I am worth it for him. It was good and I sometimes can make me cum thinking about it.

  3. Sounds like it was good to the last drop..

  4. yessir. I look forward to the next fuck.