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HNT: Play Alone

While I do play well with others,
sometimes others are not around and more importantly Professor is not available all the time
especially when I need a release. 
I have this little friend that has several different modes of conversation.
It has a remote.
It massages my clit. 
It offers an opportunity of a release.
I particularly like the little tail. 
When I am alone I lay back and relax,
hold my little friend between my lips and begin a long conversation.
The long massage with my clit is stimulating as I rub my nipples with one hand and insert 3 fingers with my other hand.  Close my eyes and think about Professor watching me and then fucking me.
Sometimes it is necessary to
play alone. 


  1. I love the pic and the write-up enhances the visual in my mind, I can almost picture your clit getting massaged and sending waves of pleasure through the rest of your body as well as the pleasure from your fingers inside you and your sensitive nipples, nice and firm ....

  2. It has a remote!.. Mmm, the games you could play... You eating at a restaurant, him watching your face flush as he vibrates your thing- You walking hand and hand in the park, again he vibrates your thing.. So many games. Darn, i need to get her one of those... lol ...

  3. That is awesome. Sounds like I need one of those.

  4. Ooooh Marcus. It's a wonderful thing. My nipples are very sensitive and I generally need double stimulation (fingers and vibrator).

    1manview,vibrates my thing huh? games could be fun, if only he had time to play. She may like that (1 game at your view).

    KittyCat - Welcum and yes it's pretty awesome and the different modes are fantastical. fairly inexpensive too.