Dirty Little Secrets

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So, Professor didn’t make it to see me this weekend. It is the first time that this has happened. Initially, I was feeling some kind of way because I had made me available per his request. It is not really that big of a deal but I did have pouty mouth for a moment. I’ve gotten rather spoiled with his constant contact but I am going to check myself.

He text me a few times and I stayed in touch. I made him aware that I was on my way home but there was no response for hours. Then about midnight, I received a text:

missed talking to you. I had a party for her birthday.

I’m so far removed from his real life (ie. his marriage) that I hadn’t realized that he had plans. We do not converse about his life with her much.

LIGHTBULB MOMENT: as much as he makes our arrangement about me. I am secondary. He still must maintain his real life. I have to play my role.

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