Dirty Little Secrets

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In His Mind Today: Email #10125

Ok...In my mind today...well nothing special.  Had a really good conversation with my other woman.  She self disclosed that she went out on a date.  I was rather excited because I like that she shared and was very open.  I got the feeling she did it because she was a little pissed at me, which kinda bothered me a little, but I will think on that some.

She told me all about the date and I guess the inner freak took over because my dick was hard the whole time she was telling me the story.  I am trying to think of something we can do for her Bday?  I could have something public invite a few friends, which would create a nice cover story...don’t know yet.

I think we will need to have a detailed conversation about some basic ground rules about dating and sex.  In my mind she can do what she wants...I just want to make sure this does not get complicated!  I need for her to have protected sex....otherwise I am good. 

Before I forget...We were in a public place when we met and I really was struggling with our greeting.  We shook hands no embrace...wtf! We will have to keep hugging when we meet in public we are friends and that is how we always greeted each other before!

I have always loved her as a friend and always will. We just closer friends these days...LOL


I look forward to a conversation with Professor. I don’t want our relationship to become complicated by any means. I have always spoken freely about my dates, escapades and such but was hesitant to share with him my last date. Not quite sure why but as he says it is what it is. I shared and it seemed to turn him on which I liked. I did initially not speak of the drunken sex I had with my date. I wasn’t completely sure if it was necessary but I suppose it should be. For the record it was protected and it was not much to tell. Somewhere in the midst of it we passed out and there wasn’t a happy ending (no orgasms).  Realistically, I wanted the attention and wanted to be out so I went along with it. It was cool but I wasn’t fulfilled.

When I saw Professor, I struggled with our greeting as well. I wanted to kiss him but I know better and I was sitting. He sort of seemed as if he may have wanted to kiss me too.  Smile. I should have gotten up to hug him at least but the moment passed. I needed to play cool. We were in public and he knows lots of people. Most know he is married and he is always wearing his very nice wedding ring. We hadn’t really been out together since our friendship became "special" which is strange for me but it was great being out with him. I almost forgot how that felt. Simple conversation outside of my home. I miss that dynamic of our friendship.
I like our closeness and it still feels good.


  1. Communication, respect, the rest falls in place...

  2. absolutely. It gets tough sometimes but I generally fall back to our friendship before hand. It wasnt never tough and always easy. No need to make it be complicated now.