Dirty Little Secrets

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He Likes It

So, Professor is reading the blog and is really loving it. 
He likes that folks are reading and is enjoying the comments.  So keep them coming. 

He is especially liking reading of our escapades as if we are not really we.  It seemed to be a turn on today as we had our morning tryst.    This may be very good for our interaction and then I will have more to share.  He likes my writing and says that I have such descriptions.  I pay attention to just about everything.

I think him reading will be good for us and offer us an additional way to communicate which will be a form of foreplay for us.  Oooooh. He may even post one day but not sure about that as he is more of a voyeur. He said that I could include some of our emails so stay tuned...

The new question is, "Are you going to put this in your blog?"

how exciting!!!


  1. He's right, you are very descriptive and that's one of the reasons I'm drawn here. I guess I best watch what I say about him. Yea, right... LMBO...

  2. HA!!! I always have so much going through my head. Since this is a discrete relationship I dont really have any other outlet. SO, why not share with strangers. This whole thing really turns me on. No need to watch what you say - always feel free to speak your mind here. It makes for a better orgasm. LMAO