Dirty Little Secrets

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being involved with him is an adventure. Life is short. Be sure to read from the bottom up to stay current.


Tardy for Our Party: happy birthday Professor!

He was late. I had something special planned for him this morning for his birthday but he was late. We do honest so I said my peace and told him to whatever he will with it. He listened to me with a sinister look on his face. I know he heard me but I could not understand why he had such a smirk on his face as if this was funny. He sat in his favorite spot on the couch where he could see me in the room and as I passed back and forth. He is quite the voyeur. After a brief silence, he expressed the mere turn on that I had chastised him. I smiled and though he is such a freak. I could see his manhood try to speak but I didn’t have time to say hello since he was late which made me run a little behind but he did take me to work which was nice. I like being in the car with him so that I can rub on him. His skin is so soft and he is so well kept. I’m attracted to that aspect of him. I adore a well groomed man especially when he smells good which Professor always does. I can almost smell him right now. Mmmm…

In the car ride, we discussed a possible trip which would provide me with an opportunity to live up an element of fantasy. I like the idea of us being in the same place but not completely together publicly. I can watch him from afar and admire his attributes. The concept of being able to watch him interact with other people, particularly women as he me (with men). He being able to do him with his people and I with mine. After a little fun, a few several libations along with some partying (together yet separate), we can cum together (all puns intended). After all, we are our little secret. I am fairly certain that he would prefer to stay in a nicer hotel so we would be able to make use of all the room would have to offer. The thought makes my pussy purr with excitement. I hope that it comes into fruition.

IF SO, I have a few surprises in store for him. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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