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Take It to the Team

I have 2 girlfriends that are EXTREMELY special to me. They are my extensions. So once this arrangement was brought to me, I needed reassurance. I want to be married and want a man of my own. They both know me and my current financial situation too. I'm generally the voice of reason but tend to co-sign most of their adventures, rendezvous' and escapades but this was different. So, I felt them out to get an ok.
Girlfriend #2 seemed to have perfect timing. I ran it by her since she happened to call. She gave me hey girly, whatcha doin… which made me go into a ramble about all that had transpired. She was mildly caught off guard but listened. The texts were continually going as we spoke. I ran it all down to her – play by play. I needed the co-sign and she gave it to me. She said she was all about the help and she recalled meeting HIM a few years prior. She said he was hella cool and a nice guy. However she did understand my conflict of interest. Her response was – Don't do anything that you don't want to do or compromises you in any way. GO FOR IT!!! And keep me in the know. We laughed and chatted about her current events and progress on the man front.

I have to say that I very concerned about the conversation with Girlfriend #1. Her opinion mattered to me and I was a little hesitant sharing but she is my everything friend. So as soon as I got the balls, I ran the situation by her. Of course I prefaced it with I don't really know how you are going to feel about this but I need you to hear me out. She said of course and scolded me for trippin. So, I ran it down play by play like it happened leaving nothing out. She sort of surprised me with her response. She said, GO FOR IT while reminding me of all the changes had been through the last year. She concurred that I needed some help. Not to mention we are all about feeling good. It's in the mental.
I told them both that he was going to come by do we could converse and that I was going to sleep on it. This was all knew for me and I'm not as young to not know any better. I was truly conflicted but I needed the help and they were opportunities there and he wasn't a stranger. I have known HIM for at least 6 years (only as flirting friends).
SO, WHATCHA GONNA DO? They both asked.
I had kind of decided but was going to follow his lead but I was glad that my team was with me so I could share openly and neither lives locally…

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