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The Arrangement

He came by and we discussed an arrangement further. He told me that he had already given us some thought for a while. It was important to him that I be comfortable. He is thoughtful as it regards to me. One of the things that I like about him. He is always thinking about my feelings. Our conversation did make me a bit nervous more so fidgety. I had a hard time looking him in his face but tried to play it cool. Never let him see you sweat is what I kept thinking. Silly, I know but it was what I was thinking. Every time I did manage to look up he was looking directly at me. He seemed so confident and in complete control. He does have a thing about control. He likes to be the HEAD in charge in most aspects of his life, which he is. As far as I am concerned, a portion of this confidence was that he had already played this situation out in his head far before he included me. It had already been considered and he needed an opportunity which I had initially unknowingly presented to him. I on the other hand had only had about 48 hours to think this arrangement over.

I laugh about it now because I see things clearly and completely now. We have been friends for years. We have always graphically flirted. I am very comfortable with men and always have been. I never took all of his innuendos too seriously but I always knew that he was attracted to me. There was always a slight touch, simple glance and/or stymied embrace goodbye but honestly, it was never a big deal. Then we started having these friendly outings. Harmless and very innocent. We went for drinks and/or for coffee. We have always had great conversations over a spectrum of subjects. There was never any sort of boundaries in speech. We would just go and be out and just be in each other’s company. He seems to always want to know what is on my mind, about my dating life and how I am feeling. He is just a very concerned friend. He always seemed very interested and in tune with my thought process. When we were together on these very innocent outings, there wasn’t ever any physical connection but I would always make sure that I looked very nice. I often liked being out him because I would be seen by other men. You never know who you will meet and I have always known that he liked to look at me. This was a bit of a turn on for me but of course I always played it cool with him. After all, at the time of course, we were just friends. We are cool and I have always been my complete self with him.

He is very smart and with his job he runs things so, this arrangement is not too farfetched. He is completely in his comfort zone. Our discussion was direct with no bullshit or any additives. He was seriously into our negotiation process. I shared my concerns about my current position. I hadn’t been working for while due to the economy and considering a change of career so I required a bit more initial assistance. I wanted him to know that I needed this to beneficial for me as it would be for him which still seems to be a win/win for me but that is entirely another post.

The Other Woman

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