Dirty Little Secrets

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being involved with him is an adventure. Life is short. Be sure to read from the bottom up to stay current.


SPECIAL FRIEND – the setup via text

He: Afternoon. How are you?

Me: Cool. Kind of stressing but cool.

He: glad that you are doing good.

Me: I didn’t say that. Lol. But I’m trying. It’s a tough week. Might have to sell some ass. Lol.

He: LOL… so let’s talk…lol your bad

Me: I’m good at being bad. I’m just saying. My bills don’t stop and I gotta make some shit happen. So.

He: I feel you n understand! So let’s say you need a special friend (wink)

He: So let’s me n u talk as 2 grown folks a little later…ok

Me: ok


He: imp good! I was just thinking about u

He: so r u serious about havin a special friend to help you out

Me: yes I am. Not sure where to get one of those though. Lol

Me: thinking about me???

He: Yes thinking about u! U got a good spirit, easy 2 talk 2 and real easy on the eyes!

Me: Well thank you.

He: so I use 2 have this “special” friend that would jack me off, strip 4 me, not much sex but a lot of role playing. I figure I can b real with u... u know me

Me: really? Of course

Me: what kind of role playing? What kind of sex?

He: Yes really! We had fun and I helped her out.

He: well she loved to get me hard so she would be the stripped and I would be the customer in the club. Let me be more specific. She would jack me off in all kinds of sexy outfits. We would go out and I would watch her flirt with men. Oral, hand job, tit fucking mostly

Me: so you two were cool with a side arrangement. You were attracted to her and she you. She fulfilled some fantasy for you. So, what happened to her? How often did you penetrate her?

He: Her job moved her out of state and her man moved in with her. We are still cool though.

Me: Oh she had a man? What was your status at the time?

He: 3 or 4 times a month. I liked having her dress up in dresses, makeup, heels, stockings … for me. I’m more visual guess I’m freaky like that.

He: I was married when we started, we did our thing for a few years.

Me: How did it begin? Did it just sort of happen with a known understanding or was it discussed?

He: it kind of just happened. I was flirting with her and she said if you want some I have to pay (in a joking manner) so I started slipping money all over her.

Me: Did her flirting with men turn you on too? What was it about her that made it fulfilling for you?

He: She started to pull off her clothes then gave me a hand job. We did talk about it more to set things up. She did have a man

Me: what sorts of things are you into with you “special” friend?

He: I love how women can flirt with their eyes and very simple movements of their body. Yes it turned me on. She was so lady like.

Me: Do I remind you of her?

He: Yes u do!

He: what am I into? Well I love legs… looking ad touching them. Sex penetration from time to time. Love having lotion, oil, gel… rubbed on my… But I am n2 pleasing as well. So if you were my “special” friend what you like?

Me: Well, I am not opposed to most of your previous arrangement. I am very sensual. I like to be touched and to be watched. I’m not really accustomed to oral without penetration but I have and the striptease aspect is quite inspiring. I like to see someone turned on by me. I would like to try some erotica-esque situations of role play. Sexy, sensual, sweet. I’m not terribly nasty and would like our friendship to not be compromised but to be completely frank I’m attracted to you as you are me. You have always made me feel special and comfortable. I like that.

He: I appreciate your honesty. I know our friendship will be fine.

Me: I am fairly certain of that too.

He: I have a meeting in your area but I will stop by after work before my meeting around 5pm. We can talk further. Ok?

Me: ok


  1. Hmm... Intriguing... Just letting you know I did read the beginning...

  2. very cute mister. lol. that is my word - intriguing.