Dirty Little Secrets

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being involved with him is an adventure. Life is short. Be sure to read from the bottom up to stay current.


The Deal is Sealed

He held me close tightly. My insides tensed up as he rubbed his face against mine. I could feel the air from his nostrils breathe me in as he came into me. His lips were soft and his tongue succulent. He kissed me softly and followed up with several pecks. He smiled and then kissed me again. I followed his tongue with mine and rubbed down his shoulders as began to relax without exhaling. He was nice and gentle with me which I appreciated. He broke away and whispered, “Can I taste you?” as he politely guided me to my bedroom. I smiled and climbed up my bed leaving my shorts on the floor. I often don’t wear any underwear so it was very convenient. I laid back and opened wide watching him take off his blazer and unbutton the top couple of buttons of his crisp white shirt and cuffs. He never took his eyes off my core. There was such anticipation in eyes as he stretched his neck and assumed his position. He carefully buried his face between my thighs and started at my clit. He let out a soft Mmmm… and I took a deep breath, giving into the moment. It was sort of intense, somewhat passionate as he tenderly fondled my clit with his tongue making slow sudden trips down to my wet, caressing my nipples with one hand and massaging my thigh his other.

He seemed rather involved with my flavor so, I rhetorically stated, “You licking that like you like it
He moaned and confirmed, “It’s good!”
Yes, you are” I said as I relaxed completely engaged to his service.

I began to massage his shoulders, rub his back, ears and head. Once I did that, he added a couple of fingers to his presentation while rubbing my nipple with his free hand. This combination made me wetter and I could hear him slurping it all up as he moaned. I let out several moans and groans in competition with his. My body began to tighten up and I knew my climax and apparently he did too because he deepened his penetrated fingers trying to find my good spot as he sucked my clit. I started to slightly dig my nails into the top of his shoulders and then grabbed his neck. He asked me to cum for him and I did just that. I bit down on my bottom lip, closed my eyes and squeezed him tight as I did my best not to scream. I came long and hard. He raised up licking his fingers with my nectar on his chin and all in his beard. I laid there attempting to regain my composure inquiring if he wanted me to get him a towel. He said, “No towel needed" and wiped his mouth with his blazer. I want to smell my “special friend”.

I smiled as I got up off the bed and told him not to move. I was inspired and wanted to reciprocate his service. I went into my adjoined bathroom rinsed my mouth with some Listerine and got a cough drop. As I sucked on the menthol drop, I positioned myself on the edge of my bed with him standing in front of me. I unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor. His dick was already hard and fat. I stroked and rubbed it trying to see what and how he responded. I kissed the tip of his head, licked down the shaft and then pulled back up to look him in his face. I took him in to my mouth little by little constantly sucking the head in between. I could feel his eyes on me and we made eye contact several times. He seemed happy and almost fulfilled. I sucked him hard and constant building my rhythm. His moans and groans were deep and steady. He reached for my titties and I pushed his hands away. This was about him and I needed him to feel cared for. I paid careful attention to all his reactions and all my movements. He could feel his manhood contract and I knew he was about to cum. He grabbed the back of my neck guiding me to the beat of his ever so present climax until he was ready. He came hard and the cum filled my mouth. As he attempted to regain his composure I got up to spit. His spunk wasn’t all that bitter but I chose not to swallow. It was more than I had expected but the result was quite pleasant and it even got me off as I came a bit with him on my own.

It was done and our arrangement had been consummated.


  1. GADDAYUM this is hot as hell !!! *fans self*

  2. Wow, you write well, very visual.. I need a smoke break and I don't smoke...lol...

  3. Sueie, thanks for stopping by.

    1manview, sometimes you have to release my dear.