Dirty Little Secrets

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being involved with him is an adventure. Life is short. Be sure to read from the bottom up to stay current.


This is no love thing.

We are friends.

We have this precious bond that allows our arrangement to work. We are comfortable together and it’s always been like that in a platonic since – initially but of course now things are a little different. He has always made me feel sexy. The way he looks at me. The way he sounds when we converse. The way he reacts when I provide him with some head. He always reminds me how beautiful I am and how he enjoys talking to me. It’s easy and I am easy for him.

He manages to be my friend first which allows him to always make me feel like a lady. I don’t feel dirty, cheap, or paid for like a prostitute. In fact it is not always about sex – we haven’t even had sex yet, well not intercourse. It is all about the fantasy and fun with us. He is a “special” friend that helps me out A LOT but we are mutually beneficial. I am not trying to fall in love and he is already in love with his wife.

This is all rather new to me and it is not something that I do on a regular. I have generally stayed away from unavailable men but this opportunity presented itself at the right time and it’s working thus far. We discuss everything and make up our own rules as we go. There are no misguided promises, full time commitments or any extreme requests. I do not do anything that makes me uncomfortable and we learn my boundaries together. I learn more of what I like and don’t like, try some new things that I may not have the option otherwise. He is older (15 years my senior), well traveled, highly educated and intelligent. He is cultured and provides me with places, situations and circles that I may not be presented otherwise.

I like him and even care about him but I do not see me falling in love with him but he does it make it easy to fall for him. I’m still a single woman after all, unguarded and still hopeful for a man of my own.


  1. For a second there, you sounded like President Bill Clinton." We didn't have sex, she just gave me a good suckin' " .. lol... To me oral sex is a intimate act, you will get laid before my lips touch the your flavor. But, sex is sex, regardless of the act... Its going to be interesting to see if you can keep your feelings in check. I once did the sexual favors with a friend. We were both lonely and sexless, so we decided to be sex buddies until the real deal showed up. She fell, I didn't, I felt terrible, even after she found Mr, right, I still feel bad about it this day. Feelings are hard to keep in check.

  2. you are very right and I really do my best. honestly there is still so much that is not told. I think that I have a handle on the feelings for now. I care about him but I cared for him before we became intimate - orally. the intimacy in it is special to me and well trusted. Sometimes it best to just live in the moment and no drift into the future.

    As far as CLinton, hell after all he was the President - why not just a little head?